You know it's MY fan fiction. Barney Hunters is my thing. You have your own Barney fan fiction! It's not right to mess up other people's hard work, so leave my work alone or else I'll report you.

I think i saw on one page that you were correcting spelling.... I'm sorry... Just when I wrote for Fandom of Aikatsu Wiki, there was never a problem for me and I got a little upset.... Just leave the writing on my own pages to me... Winxgirl34 (talk) 01:31, February 1, 2018 (UTC)

First you go and nearly destroy Barney Hunters, and now you're messing up other people's hard earned scripts! If you want to do a Phantom of the Opera Barney script, make your own, don't ruin other people's scripts and call them your own! It's also called plagarism. Do you know any better than to ruin other people's works???? It's wrong!

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